Anhamm Automatic Doorway Spill Barriers - FM Approved

Recent partnership between Anhamm GmbH and DENIOS-Canada allows DENIOS to provide Anhamm’s FM Approved Flammable Liquid Barrier to customers in Canada! 

The Anhamm Automatic Doorway Spill Barriers tested and approved for retaining/containing flammable chemicals. They provide the protection to contain those large spills by closing off any doorway or opening in the affected room at the first sign of flowing liquids.

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Prevent Hazardous Material Spills From Being Released Into The Environment

Federal, Provincial and local jurisdictions require that sprinkler water in combination with regulated or hazardous materials be prevented from being released into the environment via sewers, streams, or ground contamination. When a release occurs, fines and clean-up costs can be staggering.

Fully automatic operation ensures barrier will close even in cases of power loss.

Features of the Automatic Doorway Spill Barrier Include:

  • Solid welded stainless steel construction
  • Self-contained one piece system design
  • Fully automatic operation, no external power source or factory compressed air required
  • Easy installation in existing doorways; stores horizontally in the floor, permitting unobstructed vehicular and personnel traffic until a spill occurs
  • While laying flat, Barrier provides up to 6.5 tons axle weight capacity
  • Designed to fit in doorways between 3 and 16 feet, with barrier heights of 12 to 24 inches (16‘ x 24“ not available)