Chemical Storage Buildings / FM Approved

The DENIOS Canada System of Chemical Storage Lockers, Occupancy chemical storage buildings, and Non-Occupancy Hazmat Storage Buildings specifically address the material handling and processing needs of the client. All our structures are designed for placement indoors or out and can be easily relocated via crane or forklift. All buildings provide options for fire rating, explosion protection, and temperature control. 

All designs address what and how much is being stored and how often it needs to be handled. And all are compliant.

Choose between depths of 8', 10', and 12' for these FM approved chemical storage buildings. Lengths are available up to 52'. Designed for hazardous material storage while housing hazardous processes and chemicals. All buildings come with a built-in spill compliant pallet. Numerous engineered options are also available, including heating, cooling, lights, fire suppression systems, leak detection, mechanical ventilation, etc. 



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Chemical Storage Lockers: 

Engineered for small volume storage and processing, chemical storage lockers will accommodate 2-14 drums or 1-2 intermediate bulk containers. Available door styles allow for easy access to the chemicals by forklift. Typical uses include outside storage of flammables and combustibles, remote storage and dispensing stations for truck and rail terminals, and insulated and heated storage for processing and freeze protection.

Non-Occupancy Hazmat Storage Buildings:

Designed for large volume storage needs, Non-Occupancy Hazmat Storage Buildings come with single- or double-sided access and provide up to three tiers and 12 bays of storage space. All variations of door styles allow for forklift access to every stored pallet of drums, thus simplifying handling and eliminating any personnel exposure to chemicals or fumes inside the Non-Occupancy Hazmat Storage Buildings.

Occupancy Chemical Storage Buildings:

Often utilized for housing of dangerous chemical processes such as mixing and pumping flammable paints and resins, Occupancy Buildings provide a secure enclosure isolating any hazardous chemical dispensing, mixing, and processing away from personnel and the rest of the facility.

Governmental codes and regulations dictate the right selection and placement of hazardous chemical storage buildings, non-occupancy buildings, and occupancy buildings. The characteristics of the stored material i.e. flammability, pH, material storage temperature, the size and type of container(s), the total quantity stored, and the storage location of other structures will determine which code(s) and regulations pertain to your application.