Steel Spill Containment Pallets for Drums

If you keep dangerous liquids in drums or totes, steel spill containment pallets safeguard against accidental spills and leaks. DENIOS Canada provides secondary containment options that adhere to OSHA and EPA standards. Guard the environment and your staff against the dangers brought on when hazmat liquid storage containers seep or break. 



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Spill Containment Pallet Solutions

DENIOS steel spill pallets for drums offer a safe and secure storage solution for liquids that are hazardous to clean water and comply with Environmental Guidelines.


Hazardous substances are used in most production processes and need convenient and safe storage. DENIOS steel pallets offer security when it comes to the containment of flammable and water-polluting material.


With a vast variety of sump capacities available, there will be a solution to meet every requirement from steel IBC spill pallets to spill pallets for single and multiple drums. When combined with a dispensing platform, they also offer a solution for safe and secure dispensing.


Optional polyethylene sump pallet liners are available for aggressive stored media.