Poly Spill Trays and Decks

Poly Spill trays and decks, two and four drum capacity, all providing compliant spill containment. Great for storing acids and corrosives. All provide removable poly grating and drains for easy cleanup. Green coloured models made from recycled plastic for added environmental sustainability.

All provide forklift/pallet jack access - although not recommended for moving while loaded.

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Environmentally Friendly and Easy to Use

Plastic safety troughs with an adjustable front allow for convenient storage and retrieval of drums on trays. The front of the safety trough can be pressed down with forklift tines and then adjusts itself automatically.

Environmentally friendly polyethylene spill trays offer a safe storage solution for small containers. Highly resistant to most oils, acids, alkali our plastic drip trays are suitable anywhere nuisance leaks and drips occur including vehicle leaks, and machinery drips and spills.