Spill Pallets for Drums

DENIOS offers a wide range of drum spill pallets for the safe and secure storage of oils, fuels, chemicals and other dangerous liquids.

Maintain a safe and clean working environment in manufacturing, garages and any work area where storing and handling hazardous chemicals is necessary. 

DENIOS spill pallets offer protection to our Canadian water resources from hazardous substances.


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Chemical Spill Pallets for Drums - The Ideal Solution

DENIOS spill pallets and are the ideal solutions for storing smaller quantities of hazardous materials. We manufacture a wide range of chemical secondary containment products to accommodate different requirements from simple drum storage and dispensing to internal transportation to storing IBCs and protecting large areas in the plant or factory.

At DENIOS we offer steel spill pallets for the storage of flammable or water hazardous substances and polyethylene and stainless steel sump pallets for the storage of aggressive chemicals (acids and alkalis). 

Spill containment pallets safeguard against unintentional spills and leaks. DENIOS Canada provides secondary containment options that adhere to OSHA in addition to EPA standards. Guard your area and staff against the hazards of liquid storage containers leaking or becoming ruptured. 

Steel, stainless steel or polyethylene?

This decision depends mainly on the liquid stored on the spill pallet. In principle, the material of the pallet must be resistant and non-reactive to the substance stored on the pallet.

As a rule, when storing water-endangering substances or flammable liquids such as oils, varnishes or paints, one must choose a steel pallet. DENIOS offers steel spill pallets that are galvanized or varnished. 

For the storage of aggressive chemicals, such as acids and alkali, polyethylene or stainless steel pallets are used. These are non-corrosive and therefore optimally designed for the storage of these substances.

Which size or capacity do I need?

If storage in protected water areas is permitted, the pallet must hold the entire storage quantity. In our assortment, you will find the right drip tray for small containers or the right spill pallet for drums and IBCs for every possible application. As a decision-making aid, you can use our online guidebook. Our expert advisors are also able to help if there are questions or uncertainties.