IBC Steel Spill Pallets

DENIOS Canada Spill Containment Pallets are the icons in the industry for compliant containment and long-term service. Spill trays for IBC Totes and small containers offer protection for the storage of water hazardous and flammable substances.

The IBC Steel Spill Pallet is approved for the storage of water-hazardous substances and flammable liquids.




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IBC Galvanized Steel Drip Pans

To meet these requirements, DENIOS has designed a range of drip pans and IBCs made of galvanized and painted steel. They provide security when it comes to the storage of flammable and water-polluting substances. At DENIOS you will find the right steel drip tray for every desired storage volume: from 1-drum storage to twelve 53-gallons drums. From an IBC to a drip pan for eight IBCs.

Transportable IBC Spill Pallets

Often substances such as oils and paints are needed at different locations in the company. Forklift pockets provide the necessary mobility, and the drip tray can be safely and conveniently implemented as required. Without forklift pockets, the steel trays are suitable for placing on pallets or for ground-level storage.