Gas Cylinder Storage

Storing Gas Cylinders

Choose from numerous Gas Cylinder Storage designs, providing storage for as few as five cylinders and as many as 96. Certain models offer galvanized steel floors, forklift access for easy relocation, or 2-hour fire rated wall construction. Expanded metal doors and walls allow for natural ventilation of potentially harmful gasses, and doors are lockable for added security. Shelved models are available for gas bottle storage.

Countless and numerous materials are packaged as pressurized gas bottle storage such as natural gasses and volatile gasses. The dangers related to these types of gasses include oxygen displacement, explosion hazards, and toxic results along with the physical dangers of a ruptured cylinder. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) references general requirements for compressed gasses in 29 CFR 1910.101.

These heavy duty storage structures provide galvanized steel floors ensuring cylinders will be stored on a level, dry surface. Store gas cylinders in an upright and secure position inside a non-combustible structure in accordance with NFPA 55. Non-combustible wall sections are available to separate incompatible gasses in accordance with NFPA 55.

  • Lockable doors provide secure storage and prevent unauthorized access
  • Available in two styles: Hinged Doors and Sliding Doors
  • Floor offers level surface for cylinders when placing structure over gravel, uneven pavement, or areas where puddles may occur
  • Expanded metal sides and doors allow natural ventilation and visual inspection of cylinders
  • Corrosion resistant coating
  • Chains are adjustable to secure stored cylinders
  • Meets OSHA & NFPA regulations
  • Anchor plates for securing structure
  • Optional Ramp available

Since pressurized gas cylinders pose a high risk, the proper storage of gas cylinders is extremely important. DENIOS produces products for gas cylinder storage and handling that reliably meet basic requirements such as adequate ventilation and access protection for unauthorized persons. 

On the one hand, all pressurized gas containers represent a considerable danger potential due to the overpressure and, on the other hand, the content (corrosive, toxic, flammable, oxidizing, suffocating).

When handling and storing pressurized gases, the danger can therefore come not only from flammable gases, but also from all other gases under pressure. In case of fire, it must be ensured that these gases or the pressurized gas containers do not heat up and the compressed gas containers do not break up. In addition, mechanical damage, eg. B. approach by forklift or falling over, be excluded. 

The protected gas bottle storage outdoors is useful. Since gases are often consumed inside buildings, DENIOS offers additionally tested cabinet systems for this application