Drum Sheds

Poly drum sheds come in 1, 2, and four drum capacities. All designs are weatherproof and provide access via roll doors or a roll/hinged door combination. Durable poly construction is great for storing acids or corrosives.

2 and 4 drum models provide compliant spill containment sumps and a poly grated platform. Sheds can be easily relocated via forklift and some models offer optional ramps for easy, manual loading and unloading of drums.

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Compliant Spill Containment Sumps and a Poly Grated Platform

Dangerous substance depots are designed for storing a small number of containers, can be used many times and offer efficient protection in a compact space. Various versions of hazardous substance depots are available for legally compliant storage of hazardous substances.

Since a wide variety of hazardous substances are used in companies, appropriate storage options are essential. Hazardous substances require special care during storage: on the one hand unauthorized third party access to the stored goods should be avoided, on the other hand should be protected against possible damage in the event of leakage of the storage container man and the environment. Hazardous substance depots are economical solutions for keeping hazardous substances in compliance with the law, safe and convenient.