Universal Absorbents

Universal Absorbents For Non-Corrosive Substances

DENIOS universal absorbents can be employed for the universal absorption of non-corrosive mediums such as oils, coolants, lubricants and solvents. They are available either as a mat or roll in Economy or Premium versions. Versatile emergency carry bag, vehicle or mobile spill kits mean that DENSORB absorbents are always close to hand in case of an emergency, however DENSORB oil containment booms, cushions or absorbent socks can also be used. DENSORB universal absorbents are also available in a conventional granular form.

Why Should I use Absorbents?

Protecting employees, customers and the environment from leaking fluids

Even in the case of minor leaks and dripping losses, the environment as well as the work safety and thus your employees are endangered. Contact with leaked fluids can quickly result in nausea. It can also lead to a risk of occupational safety due to slipping. DENSORB binders, both preventive as well as in an emergency, reliably absorb spilled liquids and help you limit the risky and environmentally harmful consequences - in all industrial and chemical areas.

Avoiding unnecessary costs

Chemicals and oils entering sewage, soil or ground water cause costly contamination. Avoid high clean-up, refurbishment and disposal costs: By using DENSORB binders you protect yourself against incalculable risks and the associated costs.

Comply with legal regulations and environmental standards

Legislators require that contamination of the environment can be safely prevented by the release of water-polluting fluids in plants. Statutory regulations and environmental standards such as ISO 14001 require a responsible handling of hazardous liquids. The provision of binders for the safe containment of spilled liquids is therefore an important component of responsible emergency care.

Benefits of DENSORB


DENSORB binders cam store oil up to 16 times their weight.

Highest Performance

Due to the pronounced adhesion between the surface of the fibers and the liquid, DENSORB binders have a very low risk of dripping. In addition, they are also saturated with liquid or tear resistant. This also ensures long-term use.


Due to their lower weight and high absorption capacity, DENSORB binders are significantly less expensive to dispose of than conventional binders.

Optimal Security

DENSORB binders do not present any health hazards, but contribute to a safe and clean workplace. Also a potential danger of slipping is banned here.

Popular choice

With its extensive product portfolio, DENSORB offers you the right binder for every application.

How should absorbents be stored?

Chemical and oil binders should be protected against permanent UV exposure and stored in a dry place. The temperature hardly plays a role during storage, since the melting temperature is 77 degrees Celcius. If these criteria are fulfilled, binding fleece can be stored permanently.

Oil bonding agents should always be stored separately from universal and chemical binders in order to maintain their water-repellent properties.

Be sure to always provide sufficient binders within reach. In case of leakage, it is possible to react as quickly as possible. With our practical DENSORB (emergency) sets, your binders are always where they are needed.