Oil Absorbent Booms

DENSORB Oil-Only Booms are heavy duty, water repelling sorbents designed to capture and hold oil-based liquids spilled or deposited into waterways. Even when fully saturated, these booms will continue to float.

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For Industrial Application: Binding Fleeces

Binding fleeces are usually more suitable for applications in the industrial environment than granules. They are made of polypropylene and can absorb and bind a multiple of their own weight to liquid. Therefore, the disposal costs after the absorption of a pollutant are much lower than for granulates. Both weight and be disposed volume are significantly smaller. Binding fleeces are efficient and easy to handle. In our DENSORB assortment with DENSORB oil a binding fleece offer optimized for mineral oils is found. Of course, granules may not be missing here, for example, they prove themselves to be suitable for outdoor use on traffic areas and roads, as they can also be used in rain and wet conditions.