Hazmat Emergency Spill Kits

Hazardous Material and Chemical spill kits from DENIOS have been designed specifically for use with chemicals and hazardous substances. Chemical spill kits in trolleys are ideal for transporting quickly to the spillage site. Emergency spill kits for chemicals are available in cabinets, containers, drums and bins.


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HazMat Spill Kits

Special sets for chemical accidents provide maximum protection and maximum safety in handling aggressive liquids and chemicals as a preventative measure. Mobile emergency kits can be quickly brought to the site of a leakage. The assortment consists of snakes for containment as well as mats and pillows to absorb the leaked liquid. In addition, choose between emergency sets in the cupboard, in the barrel, in the roll container or in the transport box. For every business need you can choose the right container with the perfect equipment.