Lab Packs and Overpacks

Safely clean up and contain hazardous materials with the help of Lab Packs and Overpacks from DENIOS Canada. Lab Packs are intended for smaller jobs, such as containing 5-gallon pails, while Overpacks are for use with larger containers. Overpacks can also be deployed to provide protection when consolidating two or more packages.

Ideal for a variety of applications, including:

Cleaning up contaminated locations

Spill kits

Collection and transport of soiled sorbents

Emergency response and decontamination

Overpacking of damaged and/or leaking packages

Transport and direct containment of hazardous solids

No free liquids are to be enclosed in DENIOS Canada Lab Packs or Overpacks, and sufficient absorbents must be packed with leaking hazardous materials.

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