Disposal Equipment and Containers

Many Options for Waste Disposal Equipment such as Waste Oil Containers and Salvage Drums

To ensure the highest degree of safety when disposing of hazardous materials, DENIOS Canada provides a wide range of disposal equipment and containers, including flammable waste drums, lab packs and overpacks, salvage drums, waste oil containers, and fluorescent bulb crushers.

DENIOS Canada specializes in premium equipment, so you can be assured that when you buy from us, you will have access to the best options for your company’s waste disposal needs.

How can I reduce my disposal costs for fluorescent bulbs?

DENIOS Canada offers three models of Fluorescent Bulb Crushers, which can be used to reduce the volume of used fluorescent bulbs by up to 90%, allowing for cost-effective disposal. 

Our Fluorescent Bulb Crushers make use of an exclusive flail system to reduce disposal costs by 25% more than competitive models, increasing cost-efficiency. With this system, each 55 gallon drum can hold 800 to 900 4’ ft bulbs.

To increase safety when crushing bulbs, we also offer poly sleeves to capture vapors and models which feature impact shields.

Where can I safely dispose of cleaning rags?

To safely dispose of cleaning rags soaked in environmentally hazardous or flammable liquids, DENIOS carries a range of Flammable Waste Drums. Available in polyethylene, steel, and stainless steel, bins are available for indoor and outdoor use, and range in size from 2 to 34 gallons.

Suitable for extinguishing burning materials and preventing spontaneous combustion, flame-extinguishing waste containers are available with self-closing lids to provide protection against fires.

DENIOS offers a wide assortment of waste bins and flammable, self-extinguishing waste containers to meet the needs of a broad range of organizations.

How can I safely collect used oil?

Ideal for the recovery of oils, fuel oil, diesel fuel, and lubricants, Waste Oil Containers are available in volumes from 6 to 385 gallons. Made of either steel or plastic, storage tanks, disposal tanks, multi-collectors, and waste oil collectors are available to enable the safe handling of oils.

Available in a wide range of volumes, DENIOS offers waste oil collectors in both open and closed designs. For large volumes of used oil, the Oil-Tainer features an oil level monitoring gauge, automatic shut-off, and easy draining, while meeting EPA standards for used oil containers.

What can I use to safely transport leaking hazardous material containers?

Ideal for the transport of leaking hazardous material containers, in addition to handling spill cleanups, Lab Packs, Overpacks, and Salvage Drums all have their place when it comes to safely and easily handling harmful materials.

Lab Packs are intended for smaller jobs, such as containing 5 gallon pails. No free liquids are to be enclosed in Lab Packs, so sufficient sorbents must be packed alongside any leaking materials.

Like Lab Packs, Overpacks cannot be used to hold free liquids. Overpacks are intended for use with larger containers, and they can also be used to provide protection when consolidating two or more packages for transport.

The Salvage Drums offered by DENIOS are available in sizes ranging from 10 to 95 gallons and are available in both steel and high-density polyethylene with UV inhibitors.