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As a manufacturer and designer, we follow the different markets closely and understand the different individual requirements products for environmental protection and work safety have.

Our extensive product portfolio takes account of the needs of a wide range of industries and areas of activity - as we want to help you to ensure the best possible environmental protection and safety for your company and community.

The knowledge of the world-wide market leader gives you the assurance of getting the best product for your needs – and always up-to-date with the regulations and best practices

The daily handling of chemicals and pharmaceuticals is a special focus in this sector. For our customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, we offer a variety of products for the safe handling of hazardous substances.
The topic of environmental protection is always present, not just in operation, but also in the manufacture of a vehicle, as is health and safety at work. Make sure you have a car with DENIOS products for safety and environmental protection!
Companies in the field of mechanical engineering and plastics processing have to deal with numerous laws and regulations in daily operation. Here you will find the products suitable for you for legal hazardous storage and work safety.
We help our customers in the metalworking industry to ensure environmentally-friendly production and compliance with legal requirements - for example, in the handling of operating and auxiliary materials or in the area of ​​employee protection.