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DENSORB practical guide

The practice shows: Something always goes wrong. But this does not have to be a problem! Whether dripping losses on machines during daily work or emergency supply in case of leakage - binders help you avoid incalculable risks and associated costs.

Tips for daily use

  • Protecting employees, customers and the environment from leaking fluids

    Even in the case of minor leaks and dripping losses, the environment as well as the work safety and thus your employees are endangered. Contact with leaked fluids can quickly result in nausea. It can also lead to a risk of occupational safety due to slipping. DENSORB binders, both preventive as well as in an emergency, reliably absorb spilled liquids and help you limit the risky and environmentally harmful consequences - in all industrial and chemical areas.

  • Avoiding unnecessary costs

    Chemicals and oils entering sewage, soil or ground water cause costly contamination. Avoid high clean-up, refurbishment and disposal costs: By using DENSORB binders you protect yourself against incalculable risks and the associated costs.

  • Comply with legal regulations and environmental standards

    Legislators require that contamination of the environment can be safely prevented by the release of water-polluting fluids in plants. Statutory regulations and environmental standards such as ISO 14001 require a responsible handling of hazardous liquids. The provision of binders for the safe containment of spilled liquids is therefore an important component of responsible emergency care.

The application possibilities of DENSORB binders are as diverse as the problems you can solve with them! Whether as a preventive floor cover, underlay for filling, cleaning and maintenance work or for the quick absorption of spilled liquids, if something should have gone wrong.

Move the mouse pointer over the images to read descriptions of the presented application examples.

[Translate to en_GB:] Matten als saugfähige Unterlage bei Laborarbeiten
[Translate to en_GB:] Rollen als saugfähige „Polster“ zum Schutz von Hallenböden und Maschinenteilen bei Reparatur- und Wartungsarbeiten
[Translate to en_GB:] Bindevliesmatten für die schnelle und unkomplizierte Reinigung von Werkzeugen oder Geräten
[Translate to en_GB:] Matten mit Tarnmuster zur optischen Kaschierung von Verschmutzungen für eine längere Einsatzdauer, z. B. auf Werkbänken
[Translate to en_GB:] Ergonomische Arbeitsplatzmatten in Kombination mit Bindevliesmatten für ein gesundes und sauberes Stehen am Arbeitsplatz
[Translate to en_GB:] Bindevliesmatten in Schalen zum Boden-schonenden und Spritzer-freien Auffangen auch größerer Flüssigkeitsmengen an schlecht zugänglichen Stellen
[Translate to en_GB:] Saugfähiger Teppich für Laufwege und Gänge – auch mit Staplerverkehr
[Translate to en_GB:] Aufsaugschlangen zum dauerhaften Schutz gegen Verunreinigungen an Maschinen
[Translate to en_GB:] Rollen als saugfähige Bodenabdeckung in der Produktion
[Translate to en_GB:] UV-geschützte, äußerst strapazierfähige Bindevliese auch zum längerfristigen Einsatz im Außenbereich
[Translate to en_GB:] Gut formbare Bindevlies-Kissen zum vorbeugenden Schutz gegen Ölverluste – auch an schwer zugänglichen Stellen

  • Capacity
    DENSORB binders cam store oil up to 16 times their weight.

  • Highest Performance
    Due to the pronounced adhesion between the surface of the fibers and the liquid, DENSORB binders have a very low risk of dripping. In addition, they are also saturated with liquid or tear resistant. This also ensures long-term use.

  • Savings
    Due to their lower weight and high absorption capacity, DENSORB binders are significantly less expensive to dispose of than conventional binders.

  • Optimal Security
    DENSORB binders do not present any health hazards, but contribute to a safe and clean workplace. Also a potential danger of slipping is banned here.

  • Popular choice
    With its extensive product portfolio, DENSORB offers you the right binder for every application. Please see our tips for optimal product selection below on the page.

Chemical and oil binders should be protected against permanent UV exposure and stored in a dry place. The temperature hardly plays a role during storage, since the melting temperature is 170 ° C. If these criteria are fulfilled, binding fleece can be stored permanently.

Oilbonding agents should always be stored separately from universal and chemical binders in order to maintain their water-repellent properties.

Be sure to always provide sufficient binders within reach. In case of leakage, it is possible to react as quickly as possible. With our practical DENSORB (emergency) sets, your binders are always where they are needed.

Chemicals and oil binders do not pose a safety risk. However, binders have the property of the absorbed liquid. Used chemicals and oil binders must be disposed of in accordance with legal requirements. The absorbed liquid is decisive. A binding fleece with oil must therefore be treated according to the regulations of the oil disposal / waste oil disposal. Information is given by the competent authorities.

Leak and spill emergency plan in 10 easy steps

Just a little carelessness - and it has already happened. In the case of leakage, there is not much time left to think about possible measures. Any facility that uses, processes or stores hazardous substances should have an emergency plan for the disposal of spills.

In the video, our expert Tobias Authmann will show you how to handle leaks in 10 easy steps!

Would you like to read our 10 steps again?

The suitable absorbent for your application should first be selected for the fluid to be absorbed. DENSORB absorbents are available in 3 versions for the respective application areas:


Property: Hydrophil, absorbs almost all liquids
Suitable for: Oils, coolants, lubricants, antifreeze, oil-water emulsions and other aqueous liquids as well as non-aggressive acids and alkalis
Property: Hydrophobic, absorbs hydrocarbon-based liquids, water-repellent
Suitabke for: Oils, petrol, diesel, solvents and petroleum
Property: Hydrophil, chemically inert, absorbs almost all liquids, including aggressive chemicals
Suitable for: Acids, alkalis and aggressive media


If you require assistance and advice in selecting your DENSORB product call 01952 822 241 today

DENSORB absorbents are available in many practical formats. Whether for economical use with smaller droplets or with high daily consumption.

When selecting the suitable format, you can orient yourself to the application description.



DENSORB rollers are ideal for covering large areas, e.g. On or under susceptible machines. The products are available in different widths and are perforated in the middle and every 40 cm transversely. Thus, according to need and application, exactly the amount of binding material which is just needed can be taken.

Do you usually need larger quantities of binding fleece (for example to cover the floor) or does your daily consumption result in a high consumption? Then DENSORB reels are the right thing for you.

Thanks to the practical perforation, you can accurately divide the required quantities and consume only as much material as is absolutely necessary.



Whether for absorbing liquids during maintenance or cleaning work or for the effective control of leaks - DENSORB mats are truly multitalented.

They enable a need-oriented and economical application in daily operation and are also perfect for long-term use wherever small drop quantities have to be absorbed. In case of leakage, DENSORB mats are suitable for absorbing spilled liquids.

The mats, adapted to suitability, are additionally perforated centrally for economical material application. This means that even smaller quantities of binding fleece are available quickly and easily and you only consume as much material as absolutely necessary.



DENSORB snakes are indispensable in the fight against leaks. They have a high recording capacity and are easy to form. Thus, leaks, e.g. On defective machines or containers, quickly and easily.

Expired liquids are not only limited and thus effectively prevented from spreading but are reliably bound. The particularly flexible snake shape provides for unlimited useability. DENSORB snakes can also reach areas that are difficult to access.



DENSORB cushions have a large capacity and a small footprint, and thanks to their flexible shape, they are ideally suited for reliably absorbing leaking liquids or drip losses in difficult-to-access areas.

A special polypropylene provides as a filler a particularly good absorption capacity. DENSORB cushions are thus perfect for continuous use, e.g. At the bottling.

DENSORB cushions are also your reliable tool for the prevention of leaks.

DENSORB Varioform

With DENSORB Varioform you have a product for 4 different formats.

Varioform can be used universally as a roll, mat, snake or cleaning cloth and is suitable for daily use as well as for combating unexpected leaks. The binding material is already provided folded on roll.

Thanks to the multiple longitudinal and transverse perforation, however, the appropriate format can easily be torn off for every application.

In the practical and space-saving dispenser box, DENSORB Varioform is ideally suited for mobile use or on workbenches and ensures rapid deployment at all locations.

DENSORB Cushions

When using pumps or funnels on the standing drum, DENSORB reliably ensures that the barrel lid remains clean and nothing goes wrong.

DENSORB drum supports are specially designed for 200 liter drums and are exclusively available in UNIVERSAL for the reception of oils, coolants, solvents and non-aggressive acids and alkalis.


Other important criteria for the product selection are the level of absorption capacity and the durability. These are, among other things, dependent on the material thickness of the products.

DENSORB rolls and mats are available in two thicknesses.

This allows you to use the binding fleece suitable for your application.





Normal material thickness, very flexible and ideal for absorbing small amounts of liquid during repairs, smaller leaks or in production days.

DENSORB HEAVY = double absorbing capacity

Extra thick material thickness with maximum absorption capacity.

The high tear strength allows for longer-term use and / or absorption of higher amounts of liquid, e.g. For larger leaks.


The higher the durability, the stronger and longer the product can be stressed and remain in use.

Depending on the application, you should consider whether you need an extremely strong durability or whether a normal quality is sufficient for your purposes.

DENSORB rolls and mats are available in 3 different qualities:



[Translate to en_GB:] PREMIUM

Hohe mechanische Belastbarkeit gewährleistet einen langfristigen Einsatz.

DENSORB Rollen und Matten in Premium Qualität eignen sich mit dem mehrschichtigen Aufbau für höchste Anforderungen an Haltbarkeit und Sauberkeit. Eine beidseitige Verstärkung des Bindevlieses durch eine flüssigkeitsdurchlässige Schutzschicht sorgt für höchste Reiß- und Abriebfestigkeit. Ein weiterer Vorteil: Bindevliese in Premium Qualität sind fusselfrei und damit optimal für sensible Anwendungen und Oberflächen geeignet.


Extra quality for high demands on durability and efficiency.

DENSORB mats and rollers in extra quality have an additional lint-free protective fleece on the upper side. This additional robust layer provides a high tear and abrasion resistance.

Ideal for almost all applications - for example as a hard-wearing floor cover, for long-term use or for cleaning work.

[Translate to en_GB:] DENSORB Economy


Designed for most everyday applications.

DENSORB Mats and rollers in economy quality are high-strength absorbent material without additional reinforcement on the upper or lower side. They are suitable for economical use in the disposal of small leaks or for daily use in cleaning, maintenance and repair work.

Absorbents Compatibility List

Protect the environment - save costs.

DENSORB absorbents help you to limit the risky and environmentally damaging consequences of spill or drips - in all industrial and chemical areas. In our brochure, we have put together not only proven DENSORB classics but also many new products and useful accessories for you.

Online Catalogue

DENSORB Starter Set

[Translate to en_GB:] Starter-Set UNIVERSAL

DENSORB Starter Set


  • 5 Premium Absorbent Mats 40 x 50 cm
  • 5 Economy Absorbent Mats 40 x 50 cm
  • 2 Absorbent Pillows 25 x 25 cm
  • 2 Absorbent Snakes 120 x 7,5 cm

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