All-round thermotechnology solution for Cadbury

Cadbury Schweppes

How sweet it is … Cadbury Schwepps, the renowned British food manufacturer, has recently opened one of the world´s most modern confectionary factories in Poland.

Cadbury is the largest global chewing gum producer with top sales in 18 countries, including Canada, Brazil and Denmark. The brand “Trident” alone recorded a worldwide growth of 20 % in 2005. The chewing gum factory in Skarbimierz is the culmination of a three-year construction phase and a “green field” site investment of 100 million Euro – the largest foreign direct investment into the food industry in Poland. The production site is geared to cover the growing demands of both the local and European markets.

The challenge:

DENIOS, the world´s leading supplier of solutions for environmental protection and work safety, has provided a multi-product package for thermo processing and temperature-controlled, safe storage of materials that are key for Cadbury´s chewing gum production. Products include both standard system containers for the storage of hazardous materials and a series of heating chambers and cabinets designed to melt product ingredients. Both the heating chambers and cabinets are equipped to handle hazardous and flammable materials.

The Skarbimierz site posed a number of challenges – ranging from requirements for thermo processing of ingredients to a heated chamber with explosion protection that complies with Polish environmental safety laws.

The need for a mobile, modular storage facility for heated, open additives prompted DENIOS engineers & production to design and implement a full stainless steel chamber that complies with the stringent hygienic guidelines defined by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The sheer amounts of chemicals – in IBC containers and drums – as well as a limit on the space available for indoor storage and processing presented additional constraints.

In addition to the heating cabinet, the Cadbury production site also required a standard warming chamber and insulated system container to store various additives for the production process. The chambers and containers are flexible and robust, allowing either inside or outside storage.

The solution:

DENIOS addressed these issues with a decentralized solution consisting of several heating chambers with rolling doors and a temperature controlled
cabinet with folding doors. One major factor that drove the DENIOS thermotechnical solution was the explosive nature of the chemicals used in the production. For the storage of hazardous, flammable materials, DENIOS
has provided a specially equipped, single level storage temperature controlled heating box. For inside usage, the box is constructed with an explosion  protection zone 1; for outside usage it is equipped with an ex protection zone 2. This model is rounded out by an explosion protected air circulation heater, which ensures uniform air circulation.

A specially equipped heating box with exact temperature control ensures that the ingredients used in production have the precise temperature and time frame for the heating process.

The result:

The all-round nature of the Cadbury solution addresses a wide array of aspects – from thermo processing to storage, from precise, efficient heating to fire-safe ventilation. DENIOS was in a position to offer a combination of standard products and customized solutions to meet each of these needs.

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