Storing and cleaning with solvents - in accordance with fire and explosion protection regulations

Schunk-Gruppe Heuchelheim/Hessen

The challenge:
Manufacturing products out of carbons and graphites the Schunk company uses resins that only solvents can clean thoroughly. Apart from health hazards that solvents always pose, evaporations and gas mixing with air causes danger of explosion that should not be neglected. To avoid high handling and transport costs, the new warehouse is erected in close proximity to the alrwady existing production sites.

The solution:
Three DENIOS fire rated storage container make up the unit's foundation. This model complies with the Water Protection Act and is F90 fire rated and approved to withstand fire from the inside and outside. Exhaust air tables with front window have been installed in the washing containers. The units are made from stainless steel to ensure high resistance and minimal cleaning efforts. Staff members are ideally protected due to targeted air streaming. The container storing solvents is equipped with a circulation pump for the washing tables and three feed container with a sediment cutter. This help to prolong the solvents' use period. The third container additionally contained a local exhaust to deal with the fumes that occur when resins are mixed, sirred and filtered, to protect the staffs' health. All three containers are ventilated permanently with five fold air change by one explosion proof fan.

The result:
In close coordination with the Schunk company, the DENIOS engineers designed a complete solution that meets all requirements in terms of fire and explosion protection when storing and handling solvents. The assembly took up a mere week as the unit was designed as a "plug and store" system. The complete documentation including the CE marking, ATEX certificate of conformity, operating instructions, ect. were send to the costumer directly subsequent to the acceptance protocol procedures. This ensured that the system could be brought on line expeditiously.