Ventilation technology, contaminant capture at the work space

DENIOS realised a custom-tailored special plant for the pharmaceutical industry

Pharma industry

Callenge and task:
The client required a unit to handle and measure microbiological, high potential chemicals and toxic substances, classified as substance class 3 and 4.

The solution:
DENIOS designed a free standing work table with ejector support beam technology for the handling of substances classified as substance class 3. Vario Flow' ventilation's efficient contaminant capture for ideal personnel and room protection was completed by an added intake filter for increased product protection. The system was extended to include an isolation work table, in cooperation with an collaborating company. A visible transfer channel pipelines the substances from the free standing work table into the isolator. A HEPA filter inside the transfer channel compensates any occurring pressure differences between the two work places. The isolator has been linked to the on-sire exhaust system and works using negative pressure to the ambient room and is monitored by a visual and audible signal.

Result and use:
The two-part solution perfectly meets the client's needs. The work table accounts for excellent work and product safety with lowest operating costs.The whole work area remains fully accessible. The isolator work table provides for consistent operational safety while handling substances classed 4.