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The 5 most common mistakes when buying a fire protection cabinet

Avoid making the wrong investment

This free DENIOS whitepaper outlines:

  • The costly consequences often arise from the most frequent mistakes
  • Distinguishing structural features between steel cabinets and fire protection cabinets
  • Legal regulations and installation requirements applicable to various cabinet types

Store flammable substances safely and in accordance with the law in hazardous materials cabinets

The storage of flammable substances presents companies with major challenges. Given their special risk potential, how can they be stored safely, in compliance with the law, and at the same time as efficiently and economically as possible? A hazardous materials cabinet is often the obvious solution, but the large selection on the market raises questions when considering your needs: do you need a cabinet with fire protection, or will a steel cabinet serve your needs? Is thirty minutes of fire resistance sufficient, or do you need ninety minute protection? In this whitepaper, we clarify myths about storage cabinets for flammable materials and discuss structural differences, legal regulations, standards, and installation conditions to help you prevent making any of these costly mistakes.

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