The DENIOS Story

The Right Idea at the Right Time

While we are inspired by nature and passionate about its protection, it was an environmental disaster that was the catalyst for our founding. 

DENIOS founder Helmut Dennig came up with the idea for the first spill pallet in a very everyday situation: when changing the oil in his a little old Volkswagen. In the 1980s, people were often careless if a little oil spilled, not to mention the disposal of the old material. Even then Dennig was aware that something had to be done, so he created a prototype container for collecting the oil - which today is a spill pallet.

When the incident at the Swiss chemical company Sandoz, one of the biggest chemical disasters in Europe, occurred in the same year, the devastating results showed us there was a massive, unaddressed need for containment of hazardous materials. 

The principle of a Spill Pallet is as simple as it is effective: Drums or other containers are stored on a grating that covers a trough-shaped body. If a drum is leaking or if something goes wrong during filling and decanting, it ends up in the sump and not in the sewer system.

With locations across the globe - like our 100,000-square-foot engineering, sales, and manufacturing facility in Louisville, KY - we design and produce everything from the original spill pallets to large capacity chemical storage lockers and buildings. 

History of DENIOS

Your Environmental Protection & Work Safety Partner


DENIOS is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of products and services for occupational environmental protection and workplace safety. We support customers from industry, crafts and trades, as well as public sector bodies, supplying legally-compliant products, solutions and custom services for handling hazardous substances. Our international market-leading position is retained through innovation in development and manufacturing as well as in product retailing.


Across the world, our customers value us as a reliable partner and problem solver, based on our comprehensive expertise. Over decades, this expertise has been further developed with improvements across our entire value creation process. This enables us to ensure the highest quality in all product categories, guaranteeing solution-oriented advice and quick delivery. Our passion for the protection of natural resources and a responsible attitude towards people and the environment form the basis of our daily activities.


Nature and People



Global Trade

Family Business

Our values guide us in our business, in our decision making and in our behaviour. Every day we make numerous decisions in a constantly changing environment. We are a multi-faceted company: we come from various cultures and have expertise in a broad range of sectors. A shared understanding of our values ensures our success.

The DENIOS Group has 6 production sites and over 15 subsidies in Europe, United States and Asia. Our engineers and technical support teams are always geographically close and familiar with regional legislation across the world. Our global reach allows us to work with multinational businesses with flexibility and ease.
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